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Easily create deals and promotions

With our Deals App, you can easily create timed (or limitless) deals and promotions for your Facebook page. Set up a custom like gate image, add your email opt-in form and more. In a couple steps you can have your own deal up and running to start gaining more fans and sales! Start creating great deals today with our Deals App.

Gain More Fans

Easily upload your own custom "like gate" image that requires your Facebook page visitors "like" your page before they can see the deal or promotion that you're offering! This feature is the easiest way to start growing your fan base by offering them an awesome deal in exchange for their "like". You can disable the like gate feature as well.

Built In Viral Marketing

Not only does our Deals App make it super easy to create customized deals AND gain more fans, it also has built in viral marketing! Inside every custom deal page is a Facebook "share" button which lets anyone easily share the awesome savings on to their friends, which makes this App a critical part of spreading the word about your promotional deals.

Grow Your Email List

We've built in the ability to automatically add your opt-in list to your deals page. This lets you easily build lists as well as providing promotional deals to your Facebook fans. Using this feature lets you not only provide them with your deal, but lets you build a list of people that you can contact later with other deals and information.

Track Your Deals & Fans

Our Deals App has built in features to track your fan counts, track the number of deals that have been "served" or accepted. Optionally you can set an expiration time for your deal AND also set a maximum number of deals that you'd like to give out. This also creates a sense of urgency that drives more sales and deals.
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